I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am not in pain anymore, just the odd twinge now and again at work usually. If I should get any more problems I know where you are! Robin M, Hairdresser

I’ve had difficulties with my back for over 20 years. A mixture of injuries has caused constant pain and this can present itself in a range of intensity. Pain has become a very ‘normal’ part of my life. Sometimes pain can become very difficult to cope with, and prompts me to seek help. I’ve tried a range of different treatments from different professionals. Bowen Therapy is the only treatment I have chosen that truly makes a difference to the pain.
The Bowen that Esther gives is thorough and she approaches it with real care and a remarkable sensitivity. Her knowledge and experience enables her to tune in to problem areas that I hadn’t considered in the past, and the result of this means that for the first time in years I am able to enjoy phases of my life free of pain! I think Bowen is a remarkable therapy, but further than that – I consider Esther to be a remarkable Bowen practitioner. She has a wonderful natural skill and I would recommend her to anyone.  Polly R, Dancer

Years of Rugby injuries and and a recent diagnosis of ulcerative colitis had taken its
toll on my body.  Normally I would take pain relief medicine to relieve
symptoms temporarily but they never went away. Esther educated
me in that the source of pain is not always at the site you feel it the
most and the body has many interactive muscles / tissues that can also be the
source of discomfort. I noticed the difference after 1 session and by the 3rd
session my main source of pain had reduced by 95%.  The stretching routine I
was given to do in between sessions improved the flexibility in my hamstrings
from 45 degrees to 90 degrees in 3 weeks……I will reach my toes by the end
of week 4!  My cycle ride to work each day is now 17 minutes faster than before I started treatment, with no increased effort.   The therapy has also helped with anxiety and my general
wellbeing.   Richard P,  IT ConsultantDSC_0118

Since my mid 30’s I have had occasional back pain caused by disc bulges. In the past I have tried Chiropractors with no luck. Now, in my mid 50’s I woke with pain, like a trapped nerve and struggled to walk for 3 months. My friend recommended Bowen treatment and I’m so glad I tried it! Esther has helped my recovery immensely. After 3 treatments I can now walk properly again. Thank you so much. Thankfully I will never suffer for so long again now that I have met you.  Lynda B, Administrator

Following spinal surgery in June I suffered with extreme muscle spasms in my back. The pain was so great it left me with a big lateral shift which over time got more evident and debilitating. Esther’s use of the Bowen therapy technique was extraordinary; it broke the negative cycle of pain and muscle spasm that was causing my shift to get worse. After 3 or 4 sessions I was well on the way to recovery and able to return to my rehab. Being a physiotherapist myself, I was naturally trying everything I could and was surrounded by helpful colleagues but Esther’s approach was different and just what I needed to get me back on the straight and narrow (no pun intended!) Thank you! Lauren B, Physiotherapist

Having had pain in my knees the last couple of years, Esther and The Bowen Technique were recommended to me by a friend. After the first treatment I could feel a gentle improvement in movement and the gradual easing of pain was incredible. By my third treatment the flexibility in my knee just got better and better – allowing me to walk and more recently, gently jog pain free. It has been tricky to explain to people what happens in a Bowen Session as it is so gentle and non manipulative. I also found the technique incredibly relaxing and felt centered and calm afterwards. I cannot recommend Esther enough, she has a professional and calm approach giving advice on how to avoid problems in the future.
Thank you Esther !   Michele S, Artist

Sometimes, something changes in your life to make you think ‘Why didn’t  I do that before?’ That’s how I felt about Bowen Therapy. Miracles don’t happen over night but in 3 sessions. My knees have been hurting since my early teens, making playing sport and walking a painful experience. Esther not only identified the problem but also talked me through what to expect.  My knees no longer hurt.  I can play sport without feeling pain and have even started running again.  I can’t thank Esther enough.  Caz S, Publicist

I found out about Bowen therapy through a friend who had used a Bowen practitioner to sort out various leg & lameness issues suffered by his horses. This intrigued me because an animal has no preconceptions about the treatment and it has no belief system in order for it to “buy into” the efficacy of any treatment. The results on an animal are entirely objective; either it works, or it doesn’t, and my friend reported an almost instant positive reaction in the horse.  After three treatments I was moving much more fluidly. In the following week I was able to power walk (1hr) each morning, cycle and do a 4 mile run/jog and since then I’ve been able to maintain a much higher level of physical activity.  I have no hesitation in recommending a course of Bowen therapy in general and Esther in particular, should you suffer from any form of back pain or muscular/skeletal stiffness.  Chris L, IT Consultant

After a long gardening stint, I had pain in my hip and leg which was keeping me awake at night and I suspected was Sciatica.  After one treatment with Esther, the pain had gone by the following day.  Julie T, Retired

Esther had great attention to detail and really listened to what I was saying.  She used a
specific manipulation and my migraines haven’t come back!  Although my
migraines were not the reason for the initial consultation, what she has
been doing is to finally put things right steadily. She helped make me aware
of how the problem was triggered in the first place. I feel really grateful, Esther.
Juliana M, Photographer

I’m a Fybromyalgia and Asthma sufferer which causes constant daily pain. I tried a treatment when I was very bad, what’s called ‘crisis agony’.  Straight after the treatment I felt sick and cold, but the day after the relief was immense.  At another time my lungs were in a bad shape.  After a treatment I felt sick at first but when that passed I felt fantastic. Lucy B, Florist

This lady has a magic touch. I had considerable trouble with my lower back for over a year, that didn’t respond at all to osteopathy, kundalini yoga or therapeutic massage. But Esther’s Bowen method was spookily effective (given how gentle it seems) and gave immediate results from the very first visit. I had three (relaxing) treatments, and now, apart from the occasional twinge to remind me how lucky I am, my back is absolutely back to normal. I’m very grateful!   Jane B, Author

The way Esther administered Bowen had an almost immediate effect on my injury. Over the course of treatment, the injured area greatly improved thanks to Esther’s skillful technique! Thank you, from the bottom of my sacrum!   Lorelei G, Nurse in training

To anyone considering Bowen technique I would say go for it. My experience with Esther resulted in surprising and positive effects and I really noticed some underlying issues shifting. My body felt balanced and energized for the first time in a long time and I was reminded of my body’s strength and potential. I would recommend it to everyone!  Stevie L, Dance Student

I was in so much pain with my back that I could not stand up.  It drove me to tears. I was sceptical of having a treatment but had a session with Esther. The next morning I was very achy but the day after I felt absolutely fine and my pain had gone.  Maisie B, Equestrian.

I found my experience of Bowen therapy extremely relaxing and surprisingly effective.  I left my sessions feeling refreshed and positive.  I found my panic attacks eased off during the peak of my A’ level stresses and I ended up getting a good amount of sleep.  Hero F, Student

My son’s eczema is much improved after 2 treatments and his skin is the best it’s been for about a year. And after 13 years of pain, I feel like I have a new back and pelvis. Thankyou!  Michelle R, Teacher


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