What happens during a treatment?


A Bowen treatment will last around 45-60mins and will take DSC_0343place on a treatment couch, which is adjustable to make this accessible if you experience mobility problems.  The treatment can be performed on skin or through loose and light clothing, whichever you feel comfortable with.  Blankets will be used to keep you
warm during the
treatment, as temperature changes are sometimes felt throughout.

The first treatment will include a consultation where we will discuss your past and present medical history and current issues.

The experience of a treatment is most often described as  gentle, subtle and relaxing.  It is believed that the Bowen Technique prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself and clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy.

During the treatment there are sometimes short ‘breaks’ in which the therapist will actually leave the room to allow your body to absorb the work and respond.  This may feel a little strange at first but is a very important part of the process of Bowen as the work starts to take effect and it is common to feel the body’s reactions to the treatment during these breaks and for several days following the session.  Common reactions include tingling, stiffness/aches, cramp, increased thirst, frequent urinating, headaches and tiredness and are all POSITIVE signs that the body is responding to the treatment.  These types of reactions usually pass within a few days.

Following a treatment . . .

It is advised to drink plenty of water to aid lymphatic drainage, to keep mobile and to leave at least 7 days before the next treatment.  It is not advised to mix treatments with other physical therapies such as massage, osteopathy, reflexology etc. whilst having a course of Bowen so as not to overload the body with information and so change and improvement can be monitored more easily.